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Nia and the New Free Library by Ian Lendler


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Illustrated by Mark Pett

This picture book tells the story of one girl who reminds an entire town of the joy of books.

When the town's old library is destroyed by a tornado, the people are left wondering: What should they do with the space where the library used to be?

The characters in Nia and the New Free Library all want different things: the builder wants there to be a new skyscraper, the grocer wants a new parking lot, but Nia just wants a new library . . . but how can one person build a whole library?

  • Explores the power of community and what a group can accomplish
  • Teaches the importance of working together toward a common goal
  • Reminds readers of the important role libraries play in community, and how they work
  • Sometimes the biggest things can start with almost nothing at all.
  • Ian Lendler and Mark Pett bring humor and heart to this clever twist on the classic "Stone Soup" folktale.
  • This triumphant ode to the magic of sharing stories is sure to strike a chord with bibliophiles of all genres, ages, and stripes.
  • Resonates year-round as a go-to birthday or holiday gift for book-loving kids
  • Perfect for children ages 5 to 8 years old
  • Great gift for parents and grandparents, as well as librarians, teachers, and educators
  • Add it to the shelf with books like Stone Soup by Marcia Brown, Delivering Your Mail by Ann Owen, and Seeds and Trees by Brandon Walden.
    Product Details

    Age Range 5-8 Years.
    40 Pages.


    Dimensions: 11 in x 9 in x