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Milk Chocolate Almond Bark


Who doesn’t love the mixture of chocolate and nuts? These crunchy almonds drenched in smooth milk chocolate are so addictive you’ll be back for seconds. Milk Chocolate Almond Bark bars are served in individual servings and make the perfect chocolate snack to keep on hand.

Asher’s Chocolate Co. lives up to their name of being synonymous with making the best chocolate smothered treats. They are recognized for crafting the most delicious chocolate confections because they never skimp on quality and fresh ingredients. Their chocolate recipes date back to 1892, with founder Chester A. Asher. Chester promised to deliver the highest standard of chocolate confections. So today, Asher's continue his legacy as a 5th generation candy company. Join the family by indulging in Philly's best and most delicious Milk Chocolate Almond Bark.

A nutty combination of whole almonds smothered in milk chocolate layers make this treat irresistible. You’ll enjoy an energy fueled snack of healthy nuts with the bonus of sweetness that comes from our never bitter milk chocolate. Plus, this easy to stash 4oz. cello bag makes these pieces an ideal treat to store in the kitchen for a quick snack. Or, keep the almond bark stored in the cello bag to guarantee a fresh treat anytime you care to indulge.

Product Details

Made in PA by Asher's Chocolate Co.
Serving Size: 1pc

Dimensions: x x