Vintage Neckties Art Puzzle - 1000 Pieces


The image for this Vintage Necktie 1000pc Puzzle from Galison was composed and photographed by Troy Litten. He is a designer, photographer, and collector fueled by an appreciation for and fascination with all forms of visual culture, communication, and expression. Troy collects, curates, and comments on the world he observes and experiences and although he owns over 250 vintage neckties can't recall the last time he wore one. However, he believes that "the style and flair of neckties from the debonair fifties to the swingin' seventies remain a colorful and enduring staple of the well-dressed man" and we agree. This puzzle is packaged in a sturdy, easy-to-wrap box, perfect for gifting or safe keeping. There is even a puzzle image insert included which includes a diagram and tie tying instructions on the back for the Windsor knot, The Half Windsor and The Four-in-hand knot!

  • Assembled puzzle size: 20 x 27''
  • Box: 8.25 x 11.25 x 2''
  • Contains informational insert about artist and image