Loose Leaf Herbal Tea with Flowers - caffeine free


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About these herbal and floral loose leaf teas...
  • Naturally calorie and caffeine free
  • Premium whole leaf herbal tea
  • 25 servings per tin
  • Serving size is 8 fl oz
  • Steep for 3-5 minutes

CHOCOLATE MINT - We get that drinking tea is not the same as eating ice cream, but try and tell that to your nose and taste buds. Pour yourself a mug of this chocolatey, refreshing concoction and you may just leave that ice concoction and you may just leave that ice cream in the freezer where it belongs.

CHAMOMILE CITRUS - Is stress weighing you down like a bag of hammers? Do you feel a cold coming on but don't want to admit it? Let this zesty chamomile blend lift you up into emotional nirvana. Those deadlines can wait!

HIBISCUS ROSE HIP - Are fluorescent lights and cubicles bringing you down? Plop a spoonful of this floral concoction in hot water, inhale, and be instantly transported to a tropical garden. You're welcome.