Snapdragon Flower Bouquet + Black Fig & Vetiver Aroma Set


This gift bundle includes

  • A Fresh Snapdragon Bouquet
  • Black Fig & Vetiver Eau de Parfum
  • Black Fig & Vetiver All Over Body Wash


Black Fig & Vetiver fragrance is a fresh, alluring mix of peppery cedar, vetiver, and pomelo is sweetened with black fig and a touch of rose.

Snapdragon Bouquets are crafted in house and sourced locally. By purchasing this bundle, you're guaranteed a fresh bouquet in advance. The colors depend on what we receive that day. You may get an assortment or all one color! Pinks, purples, and whites.



Available for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY for 05/06 - 05/09.



 Complete the gift with a Mother's Day Card