Pongo Ping Pong Table Tennis Set


Umbra Pongo Portable & Retractable Ping Pong Set

Carry Pongo in your bag for a package of fun, that can be instantly set-up and played anywhere. This fun and portable ping pong game comes in a red-charcoal scheme, and stands at 7 x 6 x 7 inch (18 x 15 x 18 cm), needing little space. Pongo can be set up on any smooth surface up to 72 inch (183 cm) wide, coming ready with all necessary equipment; no mounting is required. The net is adjustable with weighted posts, and the balls are stored within these posts. The entire set fits into a small pouch, making travelling with Pongo hassle-free! Pongo can add excitement to anything, like your break time at the office or a vacation.

  • Entertaining and Fun: With Pongo, you can bring a game of table tennis with you anywhere you go, like to the office or on vacation. Let the portable set bring instant excitement and joy to any space.
  • Portable: Pongo can be fully collapsed for convenient travel and compact storage. The balls are stored in the net post and the entire set packs into a 7 x 6 x 7 inch pouch, avoiding bulky gear and ensuring maximum portability.
  • Comes with all equipment: Pongo comes with everything you’ll need, including 2 paddles with retractable handles, a portable net, 2 balls, and a drawstring pouch for storage.
  • Easy Setup: The product’s weighted, adjustable net can be set up on any smooth surface up to 72 inch (183 cm) wide, with no mounting required.
  • Designed by Stephen Copeland for Umbra: With a simple red and charcoal color scheme and a polypropylene construction, Pongo is both attractive and lightweight.
Additional Information
Product Length (72 Inches)
Product Width (6.13 Inches)
Product Height (5.75 Inches)
Product Weight (3.11 Lbs)