Love is All You Need - Wall Décor


Umbra Mantra Love Wall Decor

Add an inspirational quote to your walls and a nod to some beloved Brits with this eye-catching adhesive wall art by Umbra. Due to its sleek, modern form, Mantra Love Wall Décor can thrive as a stand-alone piece, or complement a broader wall series. All the metal words are individual and can be positioned in a variety of ways, allowing for freedom in wall placement. Mantra extends from the wall giving the illusion of being 3D.

Inspirational Quote: Holding an important message, Mantra helps create a positive environment. Hang it in any work space, living room, or bedroom as wall décor

Durable Black Metal: With its sleek and sturdy design, Mantra is a subtle, yet powerful statement piece on any wall

Versatile Wall Décor: Mantra was designed with all words detached from one another, allowing for vast choice in positioning

Easily Mounted: Mantra comes with a set of 10 stamped metal words with adhesives for mounting. Installation is made easy with mantra’s built-in pins, requiring only to be pushed into the wall like a thumbtack