Letters to The President (and Other Elected Officials)


Write. Send. Be Heard.

Make your voice heard. This book of letters lets anyone (or a group of people) reach out to their elected officialsÑpresident, senators, mayor, etc.Ñwith the help of 12 lightly prompted letters. Letter-writers simply tear out each letter, write their message, seal with enclosed stickers, attach a postage stamp, and send. Start your letter-writing campaign today and make change for tomorrow!


    • 12 tear-and-send letters
    • Full-color stickers to seal the letter flaps and sides
    • A correspondence log to keep track of your letter-writing campaign and recipients
    • An address book for noting mailing addresses for your representatives
    • Tips for writing the most effective messages to politicians

A perfect gift or self-purchase for activists, protesters, classroom teachers, or anyone looking for ways to exercise being politically active or making positive change.


Product Details

  • 7 15/16" x 3 3/4"
  • Lea Redmond is a creative consultant and the brains behind the Letters to My series.