It's All Good Emerald Bundle


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This bundle is as good as gold! It includes (1) Lavender Sage 'It's All Good' Candle and (1) 'Emerald' Handcrafted Vegan Bar Soap.

This Paddywax Spark Candle, a modern take on a prayer candle, is a great way to bring encouraging thoughts into daily life. Paired with an all time classic Finchberry Soap, it is sure bring good times and positive vibes to your life.

Each bundle is packaged thoughtfully and ready to gift.

Emerald Handcrafted Vegan Soap

Allow the magic of Emerald to inspire your cleansing experience. This bright scent evokes the feel of a hillside meadow while the viridescent lines inspire serenity. Emerald expresses a unique fusion of citrus and violet that will uplift your mood with luscious layers of verdant nourishment for the skin.

Ingredients: Purified water, saponified oils of organic olive, organic coconut, palm, shea butter, select essential and/or fragrance oils, mica, oxides, cosmetic glitter.