Iced Tea - Brew Your Own Herbal Loose Leaf Tea


About these herbal teas...

  • Naturally low in calories
  • About 20 servings per container
  • Suggested serving is 1 tablespoon per 8 oz of water
  • Steep for 3-5 minutes, let cool, pour over ice

ISLAND FIRE - When summer comes knocking, kick back with your own personal oasis: this tropical iced tea. Luscious notes of papaya and pineapple mingle with a feisty hint of spice.

  • Contains 60-90mg caffeine per serving
  • Premium whole leaf black tea

GREEN GUMMY - Imagine if your favorite gummy candy grew up and started being healthy, but in a cool way. That's what you get with our unique Green Gummy iced tea, thanks to a combo of ginseng, yerba mate, and calorie-free stevia.
  • Contains 30-55mg caffeine per serving
  • Certified Organic by QAI