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Crappy to Happy: Love Who You're With


Simple Steps to build stronger relationships.

Cassandra Dunn, host of the hit podcast Crappy to Happy, shares practical tips for getting the best out of your relationships.

Friendships, partners, family: relationships are a defining part of our lives, giving us joy and essential support for our physical and mental health. But they can also be complicated and difficult. And although our busy lives and social media can mean we are interacting with more and more people all the time, are we really fostering our relationships in a way that is meaningful?

Psychologist Cass Dunn has helped thousands of people get from Crappy to Happy with her hit podcast and bestselling books. In her third book, Crappy to Happy: Love Who You're With, Cass provides practical tools for good relationships, helping you to understand attachment, have courageous conversations and set healthy boundaries ‰ÛÒ she even walks you through with what to do when a relationship has run its course.

It's time for you to get connected with the people that matter most.


Product Details

  • Hardback
  • 192 Pages
  • 18cm x 13cm