'Craft Cocktail' Cork Lid Spirit Candles


A homage to craft cocktails, this line combines unique fragrance and the wit of your favorite bartender.

Served in a frosted colored glass with a natural cork lid.

Check out a surprise 1 of 99 "snappy snippets" on the back of each Spirit candle.

Blue Velvet Gin

Freshly steeped juniper berry and Amalfi lemon peel with lime zest, black currant and tangerine blossom.

Bourbon & Spice

Doubled oaked bourbon with notes of amber, vetiver and ginger root.

Whiskey & Tobacco

Kentucky whiskey with leafy tobacco, ginger and sweet, crushed Tonka Bean.

Blackberry Brandy

Barrel-aged brandywine with ripe berries, white peach and a hint of island vanilla.

Absinthe & Black Fig

Black fig infused with a woodsy blend of absinthe, black currant & patchouli.

Dark Rum & Oak

Sweet, oak barrel rum with hints of coffee, patchouli and orange blossom.