Blog: Jewelry On Point!

Blog: Jewelry On Point!

If you've ever been into the Hello World store (at 3610 Sansom St. in Philadelphia for those of you that want to come pay us a visit), you already know how much we love jewelry. We've got it all; necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces that can also be bracelets, pearls, stones, glass...the list can truly go on and on. 

What you may not know (unless you came into the store today) is that we've totally revamped how we are displaying our beloved jewelry! The very crafty owner of the store, J, has been hard at work to make the jewelry section as accessible as possible. That means we did away with the glass case and implemented a beautiful cork table.

This big change means that you no longer have to travel through the store to browse the jewelry! Enough talking about it, though. Take a look! 

That's right everyone...Cork!! Everywhere!! We think it looks pretty classy over in the jewelry department. Stop in and let us know what you think!


By: Sabrina Iglesias


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