Blog: Red, White, and Blue Takeover!

Blog: Red, White, and Blue Takeover!

Oh, say can you seeeee, the final day of our sale?

That's right, folks. We are quickly approaching the last day of our Spring/Summer Sale. If you haven't gotten into the store in the last month (or you have and you want to come back in for savings), act fast! You've only got this coming week left. 

What better way to treat yourself than with holiday themed items? Some may celebrate Independence Day by setting off fireworks and drinking beers, but here at Hello World we totally condone celebration by spending your hard earned cash. 

Check out what we've got in store (and on sale)! 

First and foremost, what do you really need more for the holiday than the appropriately colored dinnerware?

Still extremely important...the most beautiful red bag EVER! 

A little somethin' for the tie or history lover in your life.

Honestly, what says 1776 like a crochet coaster?

This super cute New York poster is just one of many!

All that said, enjoy your holiday! This is one of the few that you don't have to buy a gift for ;). 


By: Sabrina Iglesias

Sabrina Iglesias