Blog: Dress It Up!

Blog: Dress It Up!

You may have heard the term "New Year, New Me" at some point. Typically, people say that as the clock strikes twelve into the next year. Here at Hello World, we've practicing "New Season, New Us!" While we are 100% still that lifestyle and gift shop you've grown to know and love, we thought we'd spice it up a bit.

For years, Hello World has been somewhat on the brink of doing this. We started with scarves and ponchos, moved on to wraps and kimonos, and now we've finally stocked clothing

That's right! If you come into Hello World (or keep up with our website) in the coming weeks you can officially buy dresses at all lengths, tunics, and leggings! Check out some of what we've got to offer below:

Stop by and try out our new dressing room

Sabrina Iglesias