Blog: How To Buy Jewelry For Anyone On Your Shopping List

If you're smart, you're getting a jump on your holiday shopping and starting early! If not, it's okay - we'll be here for you up to the last minute.  Either way, use this jewelry buying gift guide to find the perfect sparkly present for anyone from your grandmother (because you gave her a scarf last year) to your co-worker (because you gave her a scarf last year too)...

Grandmother: Make sure to keep your jewelry picks light in weight so your grandmother will be able to wear them without fear. Easily manageable clasps or long necklaces that go right over the head are also always appreciated. Try Karine Sultan - beautiful, classic statement pieces that provide a lot of look, without all the weight.


Bestie: While looking, try to keep your bestie’s style in mind (is she artsy? Conservative? Glam?) but also try to pick something she wouldn’t normally buy for herself. It will make for a surprise she’ll love! We also love the idea of BFF initial necklaces (why not treat yourself at the same time?)



Niece: Bracelets couldn’t be more popular with the younger crowd right now. The more, the better. Bangles make for a great choice as they can be instantly added to the “arm party”.


Co-Worker? Careful…stay away from necklaces, they can sometimes give the wrong idea. Focus on earrings or bracelets…or, on second thought, maybe just a scarf after all. And remember, you can always include a gift receipt!



Hannah Cooley