Blog: How To Make The Most Of A Sale


With summer sales popping up everywhere and every day, it can be hard to navigate them. Most summer sales in big department stores are instituted to move seasonal merchandise and boost numbers in the, sometimes slow, days of summer. In our small store, the sales are not as frequent but they come from our desire to reward our loyal customers who support us all year round. Right now, in-store only, we are offering up to 30% off handbags, home gifts, more. We have also compiled a few pointers to help ensure you make the most of our, and every other, summer sale.


1. Great Deals, Two Ways - Score a great deal two ways: by looking for super low prices or by finding a true bargain. For example, these cocktail napkins ring in at $4.80 making them a low price deal. But scoring a genuine leather wallet for $60, while more expensive, is still a great bargain.





2. You've Waited Long Enough - Had your eye on something for months? Is it invading your thoughts and even dreams? (Don’t worry, it happens to us too). Summer sales are a great time to snag a handbag that you love, but was just a bit out of your budget at full price. These two Hobo bags have gotten more than a few visits from their loyal worshipers and are guaranteed to be the first ones to go at 30% off!



3. Classic Bargains - Even if you do not have an immediate need for new goods, it’s never a bad idea to check out a sale. Sometimes you’ll find a great deal on a quality and classic product that will get years of use - like this black leather bag for $135.





4. Low Prices Are Always On Trend - Experimenting with trends is a great way to develop your personal style, but it can get expensive. Sales are the perfect time to try out a new trend, see if it works for you, and not clean out your savings account in the process. Considering a mod piece? Check out this polka dot clutch for $47. Not sure if you can pull of a sun hat? Try it! For only $17.50!



Hannah Cooley