Blog: What's in a Frame?

Picture frames can be wonderful gifts. However, to ensure that your frame makes for a meaningful present, there are few key things to keep in mind. Follow this frame buying guide for guaranteed success!


1. Pick a winner:
Pick a photo that means something to both you and the recipient. Take your time and find a photo that will make the mantle.


2. Bring the photo with you:
Bringing the photo in with you is essential. Not only will you know the size of your photo (which will help to narrow down your search of frames in the store) but bringing the photo will also allow you to pick out a frame that accents your photo in the best way!


3. Match it up:
The frame you buy should match the photo. This goes for coloring (light photo = dark frame, dark photo = light frame) but also for essence of the photo. For example, a picture from a hiking trip would look great in a rustic wooden frame, while a wedding photo deserves a fancy frame with some shine to it.


4. Put a bow on it:
You did it! Now just put the picture in the frame and wrap it up!

Hannah Cooley