Blog: Baby Gifts

Babies.  Precious, adorable, and sometimes, impossible to shop for. With so many gift options to choose from, picking out the perfect one can be a daunting task. We’ve compiled a list of our customers’ favorite gifts that are a guaranteed hit with kids and parents alike.  Spend less time in the store and more time squeezing those adorable cheeks!



Socks are always a safe gift idea that will be appreciated by new parents. These organic cotton sock six-packs allow you to add some pizzazz to the new baby’s wardrobe.  Whether you choose soccer cleats or Mary Jane's (or a variety of others) - these socks are sure to please. 





New parents can never have enough onesies (babies make more outfit changes in a night than an Oscars host).  Stand out in a crowd with a witty onesie that will remind your friends how awesome you are every time it is worn! 



These Zoo Plates from Skip Hop are a double winner.  New parents will appreciate their practicality, while kids will appreciate their wild aesthetic. Plates, bowls, bibs, bottles, and utensils available.



Perfect for summer arrivals, these shades protect baby’s eyes while keeping junior looking cool. 




Possibly the most popular baby gift in our store, “Good Night, Philadelphia” is a wonderful way for kids to learn about their (or your) city.  (Good Night, Pennsylvania; Good Night, America and Good Night, World also available) 


Hannah Cooley