Blog: Gifting Guide

Gifting: A Short Guide

Gifting can be fun…but not always.  We’ve compiled a list of expert tips, tricks, and suggestions to make your gifting experience as painless as possible. 



- Your gift should reflect the event you are attending.  Invited to a dinner party? Ask if you can bring a dish or a bottle of wine.  If the host refuses, pick up a small gift - something that can be used that night (like Umbra wine charms), or at a dinner party in the future (like this elegant wine decanter from Sagaform). 



- Not sure how much to spend? Consider the effort being put in by your host.  More effort = more gift.


- Use your knowledge about the recipient!  Get something you know they like.  Keep their tastes and preferences in mind (then go ahead, look for yourself - you deserve it.) 


- Don’t know much about the recipient?  Play it neutral: choose neutral colors for hostess gifts, pick functional items (it might not seem like the perfect gift at the time, but every time they use it, they will think of you), or a gift anyone would love: flowers, wine tote, or a Hello World gift certificate


- Always include a gift receipt: give the recipient the option to bring the gift back, maybe pink isn’t their color or they already received four scarves for this year…


- It’s all in the wrapping…ask to have your gift wrapped (we love to wrap!) or wrap it at home.  Gift presentation makes all the difference and shows the recipient you care.


- Include a card: whether store bought, handmade, or a small gift tag, a card makes it personal.  And budget some time to write a few lines (preferably not in a moving car…)


- Please, no re-gifting.   Unless you are absolutely sure the recipient will love your re-gift (and it will go undetected by the original gifter), re-gifting is never a good idea (no matter how many scented lotions you receive…) 


Follow this guide for a headache-free gifting experience, or ask us for some on the spot advice, we’re here to help! Or visit our online host and hostess gift collection. Happy gifting! 


(List complied by Hello World/Hello Home gifting experts, with some help from…check out the site for more tips like this)