Blog: You Wanted A Sale, You Got A Sale!

Blog: You Wanted A Sale, You Got A Sale!

You read that right, folks. Sale time! We've officially kicked off the Annual Hello World Spring/Summer Sale! And have we got some great deals for you.

Let's start with the lowest portions of the sale and work our way up!

First up, we've got the 10% off category. This includes all the jewelry in the store and our best-selling socks! Check out some of what we've got to offer: 

P.S. We just got a bunch of new jewelry in and all of those pieces are also included in the sale!

The bulkiest part of our sale is the 20% off category. This includes home, kitchen, bathroom, baby, and bags. Which basically means MOST of the store is 20% off. There's way too many things to photograph them all, but here's a quick sample of what you could grab!

Finally, the beloved 50% off category. Some of these deals are just unbelievable. As we were marking them all down, I was in shock at what we were putting in the 50% off category. It includes furniture, bedding, gorgeous home decor, select bags, and various travel items. Take a look at some of it here:

If you plan on grabbing some of the furniture from the 50% off section, you may want to act fast! We've already sold quite a few staple pieces.

Remember folks, what you see here is only a snippet of what we've got in store for you. Sometime this summer, stop on in to see everything else! You might want to come sooner rather than later...because I'm about to snatch it all up myself!

By: Sabrina Iglesias

Sabrina Iglesias