Blog: It's Your Mother Calling...

Blog: It's Your Mother Calling...

We all know what it sounds like when your mom is calling your phone. When my grandmother calls my Mom, her ringtone is the 'Jaws' theme song. When my Mom calls me, a current radio hit blares out. I now hate that song due to how often I hear it. But regardless of just how often your mom may call you, her day is still coming up! Time to finally answer the phone.

That's right, folks. Sunday, May 8, 2016 is right around the corner. Have you picked up the perfect gift for your mom yet? If not, we can help with that.

For starters, we have all new jewelry by Amy Neukrug in. If the matriarch of your family loves pearls or has always wanted to start a pearl jewelry collection, this is the perfect purchase! 

Next up on the jewelry front, we have a whole new earring collection in from one of our favorite vendors, Wanna Buy A Watch? We know, the name is a bit misleading. But all of their jewelry is handcrafted and truly gorgeous.

We hope you haven't forgotten about the handbag sale we have going on! Select purses are 40% off and we still have plenty in. Frugal shoppers beware: the prices are amazing and the bags are super cute.

Come on in and check out all that and more. Whether your mom prefers bags, jewelry, housewares, scarves, aprons, tchotchkes, or something in between, we've got it all. If you need any help picking out a gift, we are always here to assist! Surprise mom with the perfect gift this year. 



By: Sabrina Iglesias



Sabrina Iglesias