Blog: Sweetest Bags Ever!

Blog: Sweetest Bags Ever!

I know, I seems a bit excessive to make an entire blog post about three specific bags we have in our store. "But Sabrina, there are SO MANY BAGS at Hello World!", you might say. I'd have to agree, of course, but these are my favorite ones. 

Pretty recently, we got in the cutest fruit themed bags. While they may not be useful for a business meeting, they're great for something much more important: getting you in the mood for the warm weather and making you look like the quirky friend you truly are!

Not even joking, I want one of each. I want this bag in every possible fruit selection. They make me hungry, and not in the "it's 3 am and I just saw a fast food commercial and now I want to get an Uber to the nearest McDonald's" way. Instead, in the "I am about to text all of my friends and set up a picnic this weekend so I can wear a sundress and my new bag" way. See for yourself how completely adorable they are! 


How good does that mannequin look?! Now just imagine yourself in that. 


By: Sabrina Iglesias

Sabrina Iglesias