Blog: Sunnies Overload!

Blog: Sunnies Overload!

As I type this, I realize there could not have been a better day to get a shipment of sunglasses in here at Hello World. The sun is shining, the trees are all in bloom, and everyone in Philadelphia is experiencing only a slight windburn. The combination of sun and wind, however, does allow us to get excited for the warm weather that is to come!


Sure, we've had sunglasses in the past. But these are special...because they're so, so cute. Whether you're someone that likes the most on trend glasses, someone who loves to add their color pop with their shades, or someone that stays faithful to a classic wayfarer, we've got them all here for you. 


Check them out in their unnatural habitat: 

(Their natural habitat is your face, btw)

Come on in and try on a pair! Or two...or three? As you can see here, I got a bit too excited:


By: Sabrina Iglesias

Sabrina Iglesias