Blog: Warm Winter Accessories 2013-2014

As we head into the Winter season (we can’t believe it either) the temperatures are dropping, but the style possibilities are rising. Cold days call for some of our favorites: cozy knits, hot chocolate, beautiful scarves, and more. We’ve been keeping warm at Hello World by testing out our winter accessories to help us let you know which of our favorites will keep you both snug and stylish.

Looking chic is done best when it looks effortless. To achieve the ultimate effortlessly chic ensemble, look no further than this houndstooth wrap from Echo. It doesn’t get much easier or warmer than this beautiful piece - its classic pattern, elegant cut, and encompassing warmth make it a go-to piece for even the coldest days to come.



Still at the top of our (and all our customers‘) list is the gorgeous and unique MyWalit leather glove. This glove hit every mark - soft, warm, delightfully different, AND smart phone compatible. 


If you must cover up your fabulous ’do…don’t pick just any old hat. Structured hats are back in for winter and they couldn’t be cuter. Here is one of our favorites.




Two words: Pleated. Fleece. The ever popular “Pleece” scarves are back! Available at Hello Home only, these scarves come in a variety of great colors and sizes (short, long, hooded, infinity). This scarf is the ultimate holiday gift - to yourself…or, you know, others.


Come by Hello World and Hello Home to check out our favorites, and pick yours...Stay warm!


Hannah Cooley